Saturday, December 5, 2009


This weekend Julianne is babysitting a goldfish. She's concerned that the fish will not last through the weekend. I wasn't too worried ...if anything happened we could easily replace it! Until I looked to see why the fish's name is SPOT. It has a little black spot on one of its fins. Would it be easy to find another one with the same spot in the same location? I don't know!! Come on Spot, we're pulling for you. Don't let your new surroundings depress you into .... into not eating or whatever happens to goldfish before you find them floating on the top of the water.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Pets

We have a dog. She's old now. She's white and sheds alot. We kept the name she had when we got her, Taffy. Everyone who sees her is amazed and says that she looks like she's smiling (and even laughing at times). She's a mutt. She has a medium sized body and small (not short) but small legs and a small head. I think her head looks like the seat on a ten speed bike.

We had two rabbits, Deione and Fudge. Fudge had a baby once. We only saw it one time. They were living in our backyard. Fudge had gone under our shed to have her baby (we didn't even know she was expecting). We didn't know she was a she. Julianne was outside playing and saw a very small rabbit running around. She yelled. We ran out and got to see the little baby rabbit run back under the shed. Deione outlived Fudge. In the end our dog got ahold of Deione and that was ... well, that was the end of Deione.