Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Quarters of a Century Old

Dad turned 75 today.

He's an amazing man, not just because he is my Daddy. He started off as a tiny little premature baby. He was the first one in his large family to leave the reservation he was born on, to head off to college.

I plan to sit with him and get his stories recorded. He has done unbelievable things.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Peas In a Pod

My precious granddaughter, Isabele, turns 5 today! She is my namesake and every bit as feisty as I was at that age (according to my mom). Is that why we understand each other so well?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

Today my daughter, Alyssa, turns 24. She was just toddling around the house in her diaper with a big smile! I can still see her mixing up concoctions in the kitchen, assisted by her brother. Or appearing from nowhere (where she had been a little TOO QUIET) with a section of her hair missing. She loved to snuggle up next to you on the couch and had the funniest way of sleeping with one leg bent -- sticking up in the air and the other one crossed at the knee. I can almost hear the tiny little whistle coming from her nose as she slept.

Alyssa is creative and is naturally gifted at working with hair. She is a hard working single mom with a precious son. She is the apple of my eye.