Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, 2000

Ten years ago today I became a grandmother! When my daughter got to the hospital and was examined, they found the baby had turned himself upside down. She would need to have a Cesarean. This would be the first C-section in our family. I tried to encourage her that she was going to be fine and that everything was ok. I hoped my concern was not showing. Not only was she experiencing labor pain for the first time in her life, she just found out that she was going to have an operation very quickly.

I waited in the waiting room and paced the floor. Interestingly, I was actually on the outside of locked doors that opened into the surgical area for Cesareans. I was able to barely see through a crack in the doors. I watched and watched until I saw her husband appear in his hospital garb. He waved at me and then disappeared into a doorway. I pressed my ear up to that crack and waited to hear a baby cry. What seemed like an eternity later, I heard a cry.

I was full of emotion and turned to our family who was waiting with me and said, "he's here!"

Anthony Nathaniel Gonzales entered the world a healthy baby boy and his Mommy was indeed going to be fine.

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